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Zelkova nire - Elm - 50 cm

Manufacturer: Zelkova nire
Zelkova nire - Elm - Height (including pot): 50 cm - Lenght pot: 27 cm - Age: 18 years - Style: layer
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Height (including pot): 50 cm 

Lenght pot: 27 cm 

Age: 18 years

Style: Layer

Exhibition: During the winter months must be kept at the inside in a bright position. From April to September exhibit at the outside.

Watering: abundantly wet and allowing slightly dry between  watering and the another.

Fertilization: In the vegetative growth (March-April) fertilize every 8-10 days. From April to September to fertilize every 8-10 days avoiding the months of July and August. From September to February every 15/20 days.

Repotting: shall be carried out every 2/3 years in spring.

Products specifications
Style layer
Species Zelkova nire
Height 50 cm
Years 18 years
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